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White Almond Garlic Soup With Grapes
(Serves 4-6)

8 ounces blanched almonds, ground
3 slices white bread without crust, chopped
10 cloves garlic, peeled
6 cups milk
2 teaspoons sherry vinegar
3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
36 white seedless grapes, sliced in half, for garnish

Mix almonds, bread, garlic, milk and vinegar in a blender at medium
speed until well blended. Switch blender to high speed and slowly
add olive oil until mixture is smooth. (If mixture tastes too strongly
of either garlic or vinegar, add a small amount of water.) Add salt
and pepper to taste. Chill soup for several hours. Serve in bowls
with grape halves.

Recommended garlic: Asian Tempest or German Red or California Late

Recipe from Barcelona Restaurant, San Francisco,
Thomas Steigmaier, Executive Chef


Grilled Trout
(Serves 5)

5 fresh trout (about ½ pound each)
juice of 2 freshly squeezed lemons
2 ½ tsp salt
freshly ground black pepper to taste
5 eggs hard-boiled
¾ cup butter
12 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed or pressed
¼ cup chopped fresh parsley
¼ cup chopped fresh dill
1 tsp fresh thyme leaves

Clean trout and pat dry. Sprinkle both sides of each trout with lemon juice. Sprinkle ½ tsp salt on both sides of each trout. Pepper to taste on each trout. Reserve trout while preparing the stuffing.
Grate the 5 eggs into a bowl. Add crushed or pressed garlic cloves to eggs. Add butter and parsley. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly.
Stuff each trout. Sprinkle with thyme. Wrap in foil (I often don’t).
Roast on grill, 8 minutes each side.

Recommended garlic: California Early, Persian Star, Persian Star

Recipe from Restaurant Swietoszek, Warsaw.
Andrzej Smagna, Chef, Director


(Zumaya Books)

Garlic Elixir
Can be used on bruschetta, as salad dressing, in soups, eaten raw,

1 cup peeled garlic cloves
¼ cup parsley

Process above ingredients in blender until chopped fine or to your liking.  Place in a mixing bowl.

Add following to bowl:
1 tsp salt
1 TBS red wine vinegar
1 tsp pepper
1 TBS lemon juice

Stir in olive oil until it permeates the mixture, about ½ to 1 cup.

Place in glass jar and cover ¼ to ½ inch of olive oil to seal.

Store in glass jars in refrigerator.

Optional Additions BEFORE processing in blender: chopped black olives, red pepper flakes, anchovies, capers, etc.

Chef: Suzanne Adams, long-time caterer, Sonoma County, California